About ExecuWeb

Welcome To ExecuWeb

The ExecuGroup works within the Electronic Manufacturing industry, supplying passive; active; and electromechanical components to the industry.

Started in 2017 , the ExecuGroup comprises of 2 divisions, namely ExecuKit and ExecuWeb: ExecuKit who specialises in sourcing, procuring, and delivering manufacturing ready kits of components to EMS companies throughout South Africa. This is a value-add service providing a solution to Electronic Designers, that want their products manufactured at the cheapest possible price, without having to buy components directly from suppliers.

ExecuKit verifies BOM’s against OEM part numbers and sources the required components. Both lead times and price are considered before quoting customers.

ExecuWeb is a supplier of line-item components to the EMS industry. With its warehouse based in Randburg Gauteng, Execuweb uses an online platform to make life easier for designers; manufacturers; and even hobbyists to source any of our catalogued components.

These include our regular line items and, components that are now becoming hard to find due to obsolesce. ExecuWeb can help customers with obsolete components due to its close relationships with electronic manufacturers that have outdated inventories. ExecuWeb is the chosen outlet where manufactures can financially recover a partial value of their stock, and as a bonus, free up some valuable storage space.

ExecuWeb only catalogues stock that is on hand and stock quantities are always live on the website www.electroniccomponents.co.za 

This means that the components sold are ready to be delivered within a day or two. Together the ExecuGroup is geared to service the needs of both new designs and the needs of old designs that are heavily dependent on obsolete components.